3 Things you need to Succeed in Network Marketing

Many people join a home business opportunity, an MLM company or a network marketing company with one thing in mind – either gaining financial freedom or gaining time freedom – they truly want to succeed in network marketing – however they don’t know where to start, and through a combination of not knowing where to focus their efforts, getting distracted by the latest and greatest techniques, or their dwindling confidence, they quit.

It is totally understandable to make any of the mistakes I mentioned in the previous paragraph in a quest for time or financial freedom. With prices rising, and wages not keeping on par, and employers putting greater pressure on what we achieve during our work week (and all those emails we answer out of hours), people are looking to change their life to work to live, rather than to live to work – and for a focused individual who knows how to succeed in Network Marketing – they can achieve that. Unfortunately, many people don’t commit their time or effort to build their business – they fail and then call Network Marketing out for being the problem – its just not the case. The old adage is true that nobody fails in network marketing – they just quit, and anybody who is successful in the business – can attribute it to three factors.

So how do you succeed in Network Marketing?

Success is down to three things, Mindset, Marketing, and Accountability.

Let’s start with Mindset, I think most of us have seen this image

How to Succeed in Network Marketing - Entrepreneur Life

And it rings true for network marketing more so than any other entrepreneurial venture. Due to the stigma of Network Marketing (see the aforementioned reasons people fail), it can be hard to get people round to your way of thinking, and that takes a different mindset.

Call it an abundance mindset, call it confidence, call it resilience, you need to have your mind in the right place.

That’s why most Network Marketing companies talk so much about Personal Development – if you’re reading and feeding your mind, you’ll do what you’re doing better, you’ll make better connections and you’ll recruit better.

Next – let’s talk Marketing

Many people falsely think that Marketing means Advertising – as a Faculty member at the largest university system in California I’ve seen more people equate Marketing with Advertising than I’d care to admit – and that’s students as well as administrators.

When I think of Marketing – I think of it as finding out what your customer wants and giving it to them better than anybody else and that translates to the following for me:

  • Advertising (Paid Traffic from Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest)
  • Branding (Logo, Colors, Fonts)
  • Social Media
  • Blogging
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Sales (How you talk, build relationships and close)
  • Email series
  • Chatbots
  • Event Marketing (Think Parties, Online Parties, Opportunity Events)

But how do you do those – how do you decide where to start when you’re building a business is the question and something Network Marketers need to understand to build a system for success.

Finally, let’s talk about Accountability

With Network Marketing being a low gateway to entry an investment of typically less than $200 its easy to just flutter away that investment.

Let’s face it – most people can muster up $200 in some way or another, but if you treat it as a $200 business, it will deliver results like a $200 business. (Back to mindset here!!) So treat it as a $100k business and hold yourself accountable to that.

Hold yourself accountable to your family, to the time or money you’ve invested so far in your business, and use your team or an accountability group to keep you on track.

Master these three areas – Mindset, Marketing and Accountability – and you will set yourself up to Succeed in Network Marketing.