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    7 must have apps to take your Instagram Game to the Next level

    7 must have apps to take your Instagram Game to the Next level

    Everyone wants their business to be “Insta-worthy” and have their posts flooded with likes right? We totally get it!  But when it comes down to creating your social media marketing strategy, you will want to arm yourself with a few of these must have apps that will keep you on top of your Instagram Game! The new Instagram is currently the world’s greatest visual-sharing app, turning everyday Humans into budding artists and photographers, expressing their creativity one filter at a time.  We lovingly refer to the Insta-Takeover as the facebook apocalypse (we still love you FB) however...

    Don’t get too hyped up though because behind every great social media campaign, comes a great strategy (and great social media marketing agency #shamelessplug)!

    Using Instagram can feel a little daunting with all the constant updates, but we can cover you there. You just want to be innovative and creative in coming up with new ideas to entice Instagram users to engage with your brand and we’ll take care of the rest!

    Here, we are going to show you 7 must-have apps that will step your Instagram game up a few notches and have you LOOK and PLAY the INSTA-Part. Here is the rundown of the best apps for Instagram:


    Sendible is your one-stop social media management app. It goes above and beyond other management tools that only allow users to simply schedule posts and have them published directly on Instagram and other social media networks.

    Sendible allows users to schedule posts, reply to followers’ comments and messages via social media inbox, build analytics reports, and coordinate or collaborate with team members. This makes Sendible ideal not just for individuals and business owner, but also for agencies.

    If you’re always on the go, posting and scheduling posts via Sendible won’t be a hassle. Sendible has their very own mobile app. Simply tap the compose box, choose the instagram account you want to update, type in your message, schedule the post, and voila! You’ll have your Instagram account updated.

    Hype Type

    If all of your posts are feeling bland then you’re bound to get doomed. You need an app that will work like magic to all of the photos you wish to post. Hype Type is a majestic tool that can liven up your posts in order to produce quality videos and photos. You can even add typographic styles and create awesome graphics for Instagram stories. By that, you can easily engage with your audience and embark your success.

    Word Swag


    Let out your swag by transforming all your business posts into something impeccable and trendy. If you’re struggling in coming up with right images to represent your brand and products in Instagram, fret not for Word Swag could totally help you out. This app is geared towards those who don’t have any background about complex photo editing but still want to produce eye-catching graphics.


    Filters are what make every photo stand out. Filters bring life and magic to images making them appear surreal yet realistic. Snapseed is a photo editing app that offers a plethora of different filters to choose from. You would surely find filters that would suit your brand. In addition, you could play around with other options that and see what filter resonates or appeals to your audience the most.  Yes, sticking to what you’re used to is great but it won’t hurt to make some changes especially if it is for the better.



    As a business person, you’d rather spend time on things that would make your business thrive. Instagram management could be time consuming. Hence it is a must to have an app that could help you schedule posts to free up some of your time. Hootsuite allows you to publish directly to Instagram unlike any other publisher. Also, if you’re following and keeping track of your competitors in Instagram, Hootsuite could track their strategy and show them right in your dashboard. Sounds cool right? Hootsuite keeps your social streams in one place, you don’t to scramble across various platform to keep track of your social media activities.


    If you’re dedicated into the idea of extending your business in Instagram, Iconosquare is a must-have app. Iconosquare could help you manage your account and can provide you with in-depth and accurate analytics about your marketing status in Instagram. You can also use their feature about hashtags too! It could help you gain more visibility and have the chance of going viral.


    Hashtags aren’t only for twitter. You could also use them on Instagram and gain more visibility. Hashtags are responsible for making words and phrases make a lot of buzz on all social media platforms, including Instagram. Hashtagify could provide you hashtags that could give you the maximum amount of visibility. 

    There you have it! Take your Instagram game to the next level. Download these apps and use them to your advantage and let us know how it goes by tagging @directsalesmarketer on your IG! You might just end up as THAT Instagram marketing rock star!