If you’re looking for ways to boost your income, and you’re good at creating videos, then you
might want to try your hand at monetizing your videos on YouTube. That’s right, for the novices
and beginners, you can actually make money out of YouTube videos because people always love
watching videos and sharing them all over social media.

These days all you need is to scroll down on Facebook and take note of the increasing number of
videos. Monetizing videos on YouTube is another step forward for online business ventures and
YouTube makes it interesting because people can bring out their creative prowess so their videos
become lucrative. For the novices and beginners, it’s certainly something to take a closer look at
and learn.

Why YouTube?
Well, it makes sense since YouTube is video based, and people love making money while having
fun and being creative with videos. Also, YouTube is free, very much accessible all over the
world with millions of users, and with no need for sophisticated equipment. Recording a video
also no longer needs sophisticated equipment since all you need is a smartphone, uploading is
simple since it only requires a free account, and adjusting the account settings for monetizing is
not rocket science.

You Still Need to Learn Adsense
Since YouTube will be putting ads on your videos, you need to capitalize on this by learning and
putting Adsense on your videos. However, you can use Adsense on your videos once you hit
10,000 views on your channel since you can’t earn money from ads unless you reach 10,000
views (more on this later).

Connect Your Videos
You can connect your videos with other online marketing such as Facebook, Twitter, and even
email marketing. Your videos can show your products or services and how useful and helpful
they are in daily life, and then suggest that viewers can have a special opt-in by having links to
other social media sites or by entering their email address. You can then send emails to start
building a relationship with potential customers.

Share Experiences
One of the best ways to make good direct sales is to share how your products or services changed
the lives of others. You can make videos to show how to use the product (or access the service),
why it is helpful, answer common questions, or even interview people for positive testimonials.
Then make sure you link the videos to your website or order page.

Try Selling Merchandise
If your videos really take off and are making money, if your products or services are selling well
because of your videos, try creating and selling specially branded merchandise on your videos.
T-shirts, mugs, canvas bags, ref magnets, and the like are just a few of the countless options.
This makes your business look fun.

Great Content and SEO
You can’t just plop up a smartphone and talk in front of it for a video. You need to have really
great content to attract viewers who normally have only a 5 – 10 second attention span before
they decide whether to continue watching or move on. Then you’ll need to have the right
keywords in your video’s tags and description for the SEO or search engine optimization so your
video comes out in the top 10 of a specific search on a search engine.
But back to the 10,000 views, video creators are no longer allowed by YouTube to turn on their
monetization settings unless their channel hits the 10,000 mark. This is so that YouTube can
gather enough information if a channel, company, or products are truly legitimate. Many video
creators also this number as low enough so as not to discourage startup companies and novice
video creators to produce their videos.