Today, more businesses are recognizing the advantages of being on social media for marketing
purposes, especially on Instagram. Next to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram attracts the most
number of users and for businesses doing ads. This is because this particular social media
channel uses the science of sight to an advantage since pictures attracts a lot more rather than
mere texts.
You probably heard the now popular phrases such as Instagram-worthy picture (or dish, dress,
product, etc.) and Instagramable view to describe a nice picture that is good enough to post on
Instagram. Because of this, many businesses are now spending just to change or renovate from
their lighting to the wall paint color just to accommodate the wave of users on Instagram. These
business owners know that gaining traction on Instagram means gaining traction from
“Instagram Influencers” and aficionados. Some even hire professional photographers just to have
good photos for posting on Instagram.
If you truly want to gain traction for your business and stand out on Instagram, follow these tips.
Do the research
Find out where you want to be featured by looking up bloggers or influencers on Instagram who
are relevant to your business. Search for accounts that are near your specialization, products, or
services. They’re not hard to find since they are classified by their type of specialization or
location, such as @plumbersnewyork or @weddingorganizer.
Raise the bar of your Instagram account
Let’s say you have a coffee shop, and so if you want people to post photos of your beverages and
food, share some examples on your account as well. Don’t forget to make a hashtag with the
name of your business and tag your photos with it. Encourage your customers to use the hashtag
and check-in to your business when they post a picture of your product or service. It is also
helpful to geotag all posts to the location of your business. This can help you monitor posts and
interact with people who are interested in what your business has to offer.
Connect your Instagram and Facebook accounts
This will certainly make your Instagram account grow since many Instagram users are also on
Facebook. Linking the two accounts may also serve, as the cliché goes, to “hit two birds with one
stone.” Instead of having different posts for two social media channels, you can just post to
Instagram and just before you click on “post,” you are given an option to link to other social
media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.
Don’t just focus on your own posts; don’t forget to “like” and comment on other people’s
Instagram posts, especially with those “influencers” who are somewhat related to your business.
“Socializing” is one of the best ways to grow your number of followers as well as to create a
network with individuals, companies, or complimentary businesses. Just make sure that your
likes and comments are genuine since this familiarity with other accounts has the ability to
translate ten-fold while enabling others to get to know you and your business. Commenting also

shows other ‘grammers of your personality and professionalism and this can be translated into a
new client, professional contact, or eventually even a friend.
Post the real YOU
Never post anything to project a fake or perfect image on Instagram. Don’t forget that Instagram
users are human, normal, and hardworking people that go through human challenges just like
you. Provide genuine, behind-the- scenes, and personal experiences of your business and personal
life (without revealing too much sensitive information) such as your office, workspace, personal
collections, products, pets, interaction with customers, success stories, or just basically snapshots
of your daily life. This will get people to personally invest in you, and thus, your business.