What is this Locus of Control that Melissa McAllister Spoke About?

Prior to taking to the stage at Beachbody’s annual leadership event this weekend, my friend and long-time client Melissa McAllister said to me “You’ve worked with me for years now – why am I so consistent?”.

Honestly, it’s the question so many people want to be answered by Melissa! As a 10 Time Elite, 7 Time Top 10 Coach, Melissa has remained consistent in the Beachbody Business and continues to appear in the top lists for the company – but how?

As a faculty member at the biggest University System in California, I’ve been blessed to teach in addition to Marketing Courses, courses in Organizational Behavior. Organizational Behavior talks about how people react, how to train, how to motivate people (which technically you can’t do), and about a concept called locus of control.

So what is Locus of Control?. According to the internet – locus of control is the degree to which people believe that they have control over the outcome of events in their lives.

So what does that mean?

There are two types of mindset on this and we tend to see the people who have an internal locus of control are more successful in their lives!

External Locus of Control

On one hand, there are people who have an external locus of control, they attribute their success or failure to external sources. These are the people who didn’t hand their homework in time, because there was too much, it wasn’t clear, their friend had their textbook, their dog ate it – and so on and so forth. They are the people who aren’t growing their business because Facebook Ads don’t work anymore (they do – but the game changed, see this blog post), Instagram has changed the algorithm, and corporate has changed the payment plan so they just don’t make any money anymore. They take little responsibility in being where they are because of their own actions.

Internal Locus of Control

On the other hand those with an internal locus of control attribute where they are in life as a result of their actions. If they didn’t hand their homework in on time, they reflected that they should have started it earlier, they should have been prepared for what might come and that it is their fault. In the same way, these people face changes in Payment Plans, Volume, the Algorithm and Competition with a focus on solving the problem, rather than playing the blame game. As a result of this – they tend to be more successful because they simply won’t allow anybody or anything to be responsible for their success.

Of course, there’s a grey area, some people will own their success, but blame their failure on external sources, but those who are truly consistent in this business OWN it.

So thanks to Melissa’s internal Locus of Control – her OWNING of her business and her BS, she’s consistently successful, in her diet, in her business and in her life.

Congratulations on your continued Success Melissa! We’re proud to work with you.

Steve “Your Marketing Guy” and the Team at Direct Sales Marketer

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