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Building Team Culture & Attracting Super Stars with Laura Schiller
by Direct Sales Marketer

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In this episode we get to hear from someone who I personally think is HILARIOUS, relatable, SMART AND super successful … thats more THAN a trifecta there… we’ve got MLM Leader/… Laura Schiller! Which congratulations are in order bc her personal team just sponsored 260 new business partners in 2 weeks!!!

She’s an attorney…a busy mom of 3, the first in her company to reach their top rank, leading a team of over 1460 people and still managing to keep her social life!

I’m so excited for you to hear this episode with Laura be she is about to drop GOLD into your airpods and straight thru your iPhones guys!

If you’re someone who wants some inside secrets to MINDSET, TEAM CULTURE and exactly what to post on social media… you’re definitely going to want to take listen to this one!