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    The #1 reason we see most network marketers fail to reach the next level in their business is that they spend too much time… on the wrong activities. 

    Let’s face it, the majority of your time should be spent on income producing activities and the majority of those are happening in your inbox! All to often though, too many of those conversations lead to nowhere! But imagine this….imagine you had a Social Strategy that educated and engaged your audience for you and by the time they get to your inbox, you had a virtual assistant that started the conversation FOR you, asked them all the right questions and only THEN do you to step in to seal the deal!! 

    If you’re looking for the smartest, most effective way to manage your inbox…sort through your leads and send out mass invites all at once… then look no further! 

    Direct Sales Marketer is happy to introduce you to our best employees and your new Digital Assistants… aka Facebook Messenger Bots! 

    This year you’re going to see more and more network marketers choosing to use Messenger Bots as their Digital Assistants helping with part of their prospecting strategies. WHY’s that you ask??? 

     Well here’s why: 

     -They cost 10X less than hiring a virtual assistant, 

     -They work 24-7 to answer your prospects instantly 

     -They never get tired, bored or ask for raises 

     -They segment your prospects according to their interests and goals 

     -They put your prospects on a path to purchase your products! 

     When it comes to SUCCESS in your network marketing business it all boils down to having a system that works for you… 

     But don’t just take our word for it… CLICK HERE to chat with one of our Digital Assistants and see what they’re all about!