The Pro

You’re not new to the game; you’ve probably made a name for yourself and have the dollars in the bank to prove it. But something’s still not quite right.

Maybe you’ve hit a plateau and noticed a major stall in your business’ growth.

Maybe you feel like branching out but you’re hesitant to try a new market.

Maybe you nail it on some social media sites but know you could explode your business on other channels? 

Or maybe you’d like to automate this side of your business completely so you don’t have to stress about the details anymore (after all, you’ve worked hard and earned it!)

We can offer a complete and bespoke concierge service that could include:

- Writing, posting and distributing blog content across your platforms.
- Managing your social media feeds and posts.
- Researching your industry for optimum keyword exposure.
- Fully managing your ads.
- Elevating your engagement and online status.
- Rebranding and website redesign.

So you can grow your business exponentially and focus on what matters to you most!

At DSM, we are always around for a chat about your business needs.

Because when you’re successful, so are we!

The Newbie

You’ve taken that first courageous step of starting your own direct selling / network marketing business and you’re super pumped! You want to hit the ground running and you won’t let anything stop you, until…

You know that you could find new clients on Instagram but for some reason the cute selfies and #dogmom photos ain’t cuttin’ it!

You’d love to start a website or blog and have GREAT ideas. But you don’t have the first clue about how to get eyes on it!

You want to attract your Tribe on Facebook with ads but you’ve never written ad copy before (“Wait, what’s ad copy!?”)

That’s where we come in. We can do it all for you (and a whole lot more) and we know you’re on a budget!

Whether you want a complete done-for-you package, or you’d like to learn the skills yourself, we can support your business goals!

Fill out your information below and someone from Direct Sales Marketer will contact you as the opportunity to work with us becomes available.