Why Running Ads Won't Make You a Six Figure Beachbody Coach

For Years Beachbody Coaches have turned to running Facebook Ads and Instagram shoutouts for attracting new coaches and customers, and still many people pour money in to ineffective ad campaigns which bring in poor quality leads. And as the audiences on Social Media get smarter, people know the type of ads to expect from coaches. 

Does that mean Coaches should never run ad campaigns? Absolutely not – but they do need to be more well thought out than the class I’m looking for 10 Women/Moms/Go-Getters etc….

What coaches need to be creating is a nurturing system which attracts qualified leads, and then builds engagement with them over a number of days or even weeks, before inviting them to learn more.

Coaches need to become more sophisticated in their marketing campaigns, not only relying on Social Media Ads, but integrating them with Email Campaigns, Blogs and Chat Bots to create an Integrated Marketing System.

What does this look like?

Imagine somebody finds you on Instagram or Facebook either from a well placed ad or highly targeted and relevant Hashtags. (This is the awareness stage of what we like to call at Direct Sales Marketer – our Customer Value Journey). 

Next they start to watch your stories and you start to chat back and forth with them – (This is the Engage Stage) 

They enter the Subscribe stage of their journey by becoming friends on Facebook or by them joining your mailing list by downloading your Guide specific to your target market. 

Next they make a mini-conversion with you – by either committing time or a small amount of money. For a coach this could be coming to a sneak peek or purchasing a Shakeology Sample pack. Its that next step that shows somebody is serious. 

We then like to Excite our prospects by following up with them with testimonials, success stories and more. 

While it’s ok to jump a step or two on this nurturing journey – People have become wise to being pushed straight through to becoming a coach. 

 Finally we look to convert them, and having worked to nurture them, they are ready, and ready to invest. If you don’t ask people if they want energize, Beachbars, 3 day refresh etc with their Challenge Pack – you are leaving money on the table EVERY single week. Psychologically the jump from $0 to $160 is a lot harder to make than $160 to $320 or $400 and there are occasions where people will spend that full $400-$500 – but you have to ask them. 

The journey isn’t finished there, as we seek to use this new coaches story to inspire others to join our team, we ask them for a testimonial, and then finally we empower them to go out and seek people for their own team too. 

So next time you throw up a social media ad think about how it plays a part in a bigger piece of your marketing journey.

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